Loxahatchee Lost and Found Pets is an active supporter of it's community.  We support pet needs, pet safety, and education in our community and surrounding communities, and the 'humans' that love them. 

-  South Florida Pet Expo
-  Paws In The Park sponsored by Christie's Critters
-  Relay For Life 2016 sponsored by American Cancer

-  Run for the Animals sponsored by PBSO
-  Countdown to Zero sponsored by PBCACC
-  Doggie Beach Day

-  Adopt a family for the holidays
-  Monthly Fundraisers allow LLAFP to provide much needed pet medical

   assistance for those in difficult financial situations

Loxahatchee Lost and Found Pets helps provide for the needs of our pet community:


Community Involvement

Gail Ann Bass, Founder and President
Gail is the Loxahatchee Lost and Found Pets Founder.  Gail was inspired to create this group in 2012 when Daisy, a dog from our community went missing, because of the vast area of land in our community she decided there had to be a better way to find our pets quickly.  Gail has three Labs, four cats and 2 goats.  Without Gail our group would not be what it is today.

-  Community Bazaar begun to provide a free venue for our local vendors

   and animal rescues to showcase their products, services and rescue

   pups and kitties.
-  Provide Pet informational and awareness materials including finding a

   lost pet, what should you do if you find a pet, why microchips and tags

   are so important.Type your paragraph here.

Loxahatchee Lost and Found Pets, Inc is an online directory of lost and found animals in the Palm Beach County, Florida area.  It also links to local animal shelters, adoption and rescue organizations across Florida.  Organizations maintain their own home pages and available-pet databases.


  • To reunite lost and found pets with their families
  • Raise awareness of animal welfare issues including spay/neuter programs and microchipping
  • Support efforts to get unheathly animals medical treatment through available organizations
  • Support our local shelter system efforts with their 'Countdown to Zero' Program (focusing on eliminating euthanization.
  • Increase public awareness of the availability of adoptable pets.
  • Loxahatchee Lost and Found Pets also includes a blog, useful links to pet care resources, and pet-care articles to help keep pets in their homes.
  • Loxahatchee Lost and Found Pets is updated daily.   Organizations wishing to participate should contact us via email at Loxpets@gmail.com.  Only nonprofit organizations will be included, Federal 501(c)(3) status is necessary.

​​​Loxahatchee Lost and Found Pets

-  Loxahatchee Lost and Found Pet Pantry provides

   much needed pet food assistance to pet owners

   in  need.
-  PBCACC and Peggy Adams Holiday Food Drives -

   Over 1000 lbs of pet supplies delivered since 2014.
-  Pet Supply Drive - 600lbs of food and 15 bails of

   hay and shavings collected for ACC
-  Holiday Pet Food and Toy Drive - several hundred

   lbs of pet food collected for local pets in need

Meet the Team

Loxahatchee Lost and Found Pets supports the safety of our pets:

Loxahatchee Lost and Found Pets

The Ladies of Lox are staunch pet advocates.  The ladies met through their mutual love of animals and animal welfare, of a need to see lost and found pets reunited with their families, pets kept out of the shelter system as much as possible, and support of Palm Beach Counties Shelter 'Countdown to Zero' Program.  

Loxahatchee Lost and Found Pets supports it's local community:

Michelle French, Partner and Director
Michelle is our Event coordinator and social media contact.  She also has opens her home to many lost pets while their owners are being located.  Michelle has three Chihuahua, a lab mix and a border collie.  She hails from New Jersey but Florida has been her home for 35 years.  Michelle hasn't met an animal she didn't love.

Dawn DiBari, Partner and Director
Many days you can find Dawn chasing down a lost pet, muck and mud will not stop her from her goal, we've even found her in canals.  Dawn has a great knowledge of dogs and horses, we can always count on her expertize.  Dawn has Dachshunds, Shepherds, a cat and horses.  She hails from New York but Florida has been her home for 40 years.

-  2300 Pet Oxygen masks distributed to every fire

   vehicle in our and surrounding communities

-  Scanner and crate provided to two local fire


-  Lost Pet Signs installed in 11 locations across our


-  Promotes TRVN for our local cat communities

​-  Promotes vaccinations, spay and neuter programs