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Loxahatchee Lost and Found Pets

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Before you organize your search you should understand the places where lost dogs go, and where they can end up. Even a small pet can travel 24 miles in 8 hours by itself; some pets hide, some pets run, some pets just stay and wait.

Down the street and miles away
In most lost dog cases dogs are found just down the street, or within a mile of their home. On occasion they do travel for many miles before being picked up, and can travel for hours before deciding to take a rest. Even if your dog only made it a few blocks away on foot, the person who found him might be on his way home from work and take the dog a few miles farther from your neighborhood on his way home. Never assume that "that's too far" for your dog to have gone...but focus your search in the immediate areas first before branching out.

Families' Homes
Most lost dogs in suburban areas start out in a finder's home. Someone sees the dog strolling down the street and brings him inside to give him water and make sure he's safe. Many finders decide against taking the dog to an organization, shelter, or vet and instead keep the dog in their possession to give the dog special attention in trying to find his owner. Most finders give themselves a day or two to find the dog's owner before they consider taking it to an organization. This is why the first few days should be concentrated on poster distribution. Hit the neighborhood hard with posters the first few days.


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