​​​Loxahatchee Lost and Found Pets

Loxahatchee Lost and Found Pets

Become a Volunteer

Adopt a ‘Lost Pet Sign’             Adopt one or more of LLAFP Lost and Found pet sign locations, help us keep

                                                      the signs neat and clean.

LLAFP Facebook Page              Help us keep the LLAFP Facebook page clutter free, archive Happy Endings.

LLAFP Auction Page                 Help us keep the LLAFP Auction page up-to-date.

Community Bazaar                  Volunteer at the LLAFP Community Bazaar, greet the public, hand out pet

                                                      informational materials.

Fosters                                        Fosters are always needed.  There is sometimes a need for a foster to hold a

                                                      pet temporarily, usually for a night up to a week.

Events                                         LLAFP participates in many events and fundraisers throughout the year,

                                                     join us as a volunteer.

                                                     Community Service hours are available.

              For more information on volunteer opportunities or to become a volunteer
contact us

Volunteers contribute an important service to communities.  Volunteers actively give their time by participating in activities which allow organizations to continue to provide services and support to the community.  The following volunteer opportunities are available.